Meet the Folkers

Young Folks Digital Team


Oh hey. It’s so nice to “e” meet you. I’m Erin, a digital strategist, creative thinker, and all-round girl geek. After 10 years working as a digital strategist and content marketer, I was finally ready (brave enough) to start my own business – Young Folks Digital.

Young Folks Digital is based on the Mornington Peninsula, about an hour south of Melbourne, and thanks to the power of the internet, works with businesses Australia-wide.

So, what’s in a name? Like most business owners, I spent many, many hours dwelling over what I should call my business. Then one day, when I was listening to an indie music playlist on Spotify the song ‘Young Folks’ by Peter, Bjorn And John came on. And suddenly it clicked. The name Young Folks Digital perfectly represented what I do – digital strategy for businesses entering their growth phase. So, there I was, grooving in my desk chair to one of my favourite indie tunes in a cloud of smug – so happy that I’d finally found a business name that fits.

I’m one of those right and left brain people. I get just as much out of digging through analytics as I do coming up with creative content ideas.

After growing up on the Peninsula, I couldn’t wait to pack my (few) belongings into my 1986 Nissan Pulsar and head for the big smoke. And apart from a stint in London, Melbourne is where I stayed for the next twelve years. This small town girl? Couldn’t get enough of the city life. Whilst living in Melbourne, I worked with boutique brands, some of Australia’s biggest retailers, start-ups, and media outlets.

There I was, gunning for the next promotion in every job (competitive much?). Before I started Young Folks, I held Head of Digital positions at a number of companies and worked with some seriously big budgets on some seriously big digital projects and marketing campaigns.

I’ve been part of some incredible launches (lookin’ at you, Cooked and Halliday Wine Companion), organised amazing collaborations (like the Etsy x Bride Magazine Wedding Trunk Show), marketed boutique brands (like Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels), worked with profit-for-purpose brands (lookin’ at you BioPak) and strategised with start-ups to watch (Babybee Prams, Cubbi).

Now, through my business Young Folks Digital, I am dedicated to helping businesses unlock the power of digital marketing and technology to help them grow.