Facebook Live #1: Making your online store work harder for you

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Running an online store can be hard work, in fact sometimes it feels like your store is running your life. Over the years I’ve worked with a range of different ecommerce businesses – from huge national retailers and global travel booking platforms to startups and small businesses selling just a few products.

Whatever your business size, there are a host of things you can do to improve customer experience, increase sales, and reduce returns. In this Facebook Live I chat through some of the different things you can do from improving your product pages to handy tools that takes your hard work and puts it on autopilot.

Three things that can improve your product pages

  1. Great images and informative product descriptions might sound obvious but it can really make a world of difference
  2. Addressing customer concerns, questions, or pain points straight up – make importing things like sizing charts, shipping rates and timeframes, and returns policies easy to find.
  3. Nailing your product page SEO: surprising how many brands don’t use page titles that make sense for the product or collection

Making the most of customer reviews and feedback

According to Marketing Land survey, 90 percent of people admit that their buying decisions are in fact influenced by online reviews (yep, the opinions of strangers).

  1. Verified customer reviews for your brand and products (from Facebook, Product Review, or Google) can have a significant impact on product conversion rate, especially if included on your product listing page.
  2. Making sure your review star ratings show up in your search results can increase the number of clicks you can get from search engines
  3. You can allow customers to provide written reviews, but also reviews with photos of the product in use – this is super helpful for people considering a purchase, and with permission can be used for online marketing
  4. And it’s not just post-purchase reviews and feedback either… Adding customer Q&A on product listing pages can really help educate prospective customers, reduce inbound customer support inquiries

Put your emails on auto-pilot

  1. Abandon cart emails are powerful for recovering potentially lost sales
  2. Post-purchase review request emails can be automated, so you can start collecting all those awesome product reviews
  3. Post-purchase product information emails can help with reducing returns and customer service contact, as well as getting people excited about what’s coming

Helpful tools

  1. Product review app if you’re on Shopify
  2. A billion plugins for product reviews on WordPress, I don’t have a personal favourite… WP Product Review Lite is free and has some robust features
  3. MailChimp triggered emails are completely customisable, and if you connect your online store you can create different streams for different products. WIN. And, there are apps and plugins for this, too
  4. Product questions and answers – YITH for WordPress or Product Q&A for Shopify