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Meet Julia: our renovation-loving, vintage van-revamping, creative-thinking marketing coordinator

Have you ever wondered if your portfolio needs to be packed with only paid gigs? Well, guess what? We chatted with Julia, our stellar marketing coordinator, and she busted that myth. So if you’re after invaluable advice for kickstarting your creative career and more, you’ve come to the right place. 

So, who’s Julia? She’s got a Bachelor of Journalism tucked under her belt and a knack for spotting creative content and thinking outside the box (especially when she’s whipping up something delicious in the kitchen or tackling a home renovation project). So buckle up and get ready to take a leaf (or a couple) out of her book as she walks us through her approach to creative thinking.

How important is the role of content in marketing campaigns?

This may not be a hot take, but content is the most important building block for any successful marketing campaign. Especially in the current social media landscape, unique and clever content is the only thing that stops people from scrolling and grabs their attention. The sheer volume of content you’re competing against means if it isn’t well thought-out and interesting, you won’t see results. 

I often see many brands invest lots of money into their digital advertising but run with outdated, not optimised, or simply uninspiring assets. Sometimes their copy feels awkward and fails to resonate with their audience.

What are your go-to sources for creative inspiration?

I love reading! It’s probably a common trait for people who also enjoy writing. Whether diving into newsletters, perusing social commentary, delving into deep-dive articles, exploring opinion pieces, or simply indulging in non-serious fiction, I find that it sparks many creative ideas.

I also love following small business founders. I always take ideas and inspiration from people who have built a successful venture themselves from the ground up and figured it all out along the way.

If you could describe your approach to content and marketing in just three words, what would they be?

Authenticity, curiosity, relatability.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone just starting in the creative industry?

Create, create, create. The most invaluable advice I received during my journalism studies was to ‘show, not tell’, and I believe it applies universally to anyone working in the creative industry. It’s much easier to seek opportunities and connect with people you might want to work with when you have something real to show them. 

Building out your portfolio doesn’t have to mean just paid work. Whether compiling photo diaries, videos, writing articles, or curating social content for a friend’s business, showcasing what you’ve created speaks volumes about who you are and your capabilities far more authentically than trying to explain your skills. That said, please don’t ask me to read any of the blogs I wrote as a teenager (but really, is there anyone who’d be proud of what they wrote at 15?).

If you could choose one word to describe the culture at Young Folks, what would it be, and why?

I’d describe it as supportive. Here at Young Folks, there’s a strong sense of teamwork and acknowledgement of how different we all are and our varied approaches to reaching a shared goal. 

I believe nowadays, people are increasingly seeking out organisations that resonate with their values and recognise them as unique individuals. Everyone at Young Folks always puts their hand up to help you with your work or teach you something new. Being part of this environment is truly inspiring.

What’s one thing about your job that most people don’t know but would find surprising?

I think many people assume that people working in creative roles are always full of ideas, and wake up and start work whenever the inspiration strikes. But in reality, it’s not quite like that. 

Creative people are often great problem solvers because they have to pull out these amazing ideas out of nowhere. A lot of my time is dedicated to research, refining ideas – many of which end up discarded – and collaborating with our creative team to bounce around thoughts.

If you weren’t working in this field, what do you think you’d be doing instead?

If I weren’t in this field, I’d be a baker or a painter. I enjoy the balance of spending long hours at the computer with hands-on work like baking, cooking, or renovating my house. 

I often find my best ideas come to me when I’m engaged in activities completely unrelated to work. I could see myself being perfectly happy with a different alternative career. At least I’d have some marketing ideas for a bakery if I ever open one, haha!

Eager to connect with Julia? Find her on LinkedIn.

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