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Studio news: April recap 

With April rolling to a close, we’re dropping in to share news from the busy month that was at Young Folks. This month, our team’s been deep in focus-mode with many exciting projects in the works. 

April at Young Folks included reflecting on what real impact looks like on Earth Day, as well as getting started on sustainability platform Sustain.Life to streamline and elevate our own impact measurement and reporting process. Plus a very cute update from our partner ‘Til The Cows Come Home (yes, it includes baby cows).

Partnering with Sustain.Life to amplify our impact measurement and reporting

As a B Corp and Climate Active network member, measuring and managing our environmental impact is something we don’t take lightly. To take our measurement processes to the next level, we’re partnering with Sustain.Life (a fellow B Corp who also happens to be a much-loved client) to streamline all things impact measurement, management and reporting.

Young Folks has been certified carbon neutral since 2019. Up until now, we’ve been measuring our impact manually. Think: a heap of spreadsheets and documents recording the data needed for this process. As you can imagine, it gets real messy, real quick!

We’re joining Sustain.Life to help us save on time and resources with our impact measurement by bringing it all onto a single sustainability platform, plus we’ll be enhancing our reporting accuracy and able to introduce science-based targets. 

Say hi to Lenny and Cinnamon

One of the inspiring clients we get to work with is ‘Til The Cows Come Home, a not-for-profit and mostly volunteer-run local enterprise rescuing and rehabilitating unwanted farm animals to forever homes as companions. ‘Til The Cows Come Home was established in 2018, with foster homes now found all around Australia. 

Many of the young male animals who end up in their care come from the dairy industry, where male calves are usually considered as ‘waste’. Earlier this month, we were invited to name two recently rescued baby calves. Our team decided to name these baby cows Lenny and Cinnamon (the one with a heart-shaped patch on his head). They’re now in the loving care of a foster carer in Gippsland, enjoying their second chance at life. 

If you love animals and would like to get involved with their work, visit ‘Til The Cows Come Home to find more information about volunteering and donations.

Rethinking impact this Earth Month

April was Earth Month, with April 22nd marking the annual Earth Day. This year’s theme was Planet vs Plastics, and we found ourselves reflecting on the meaning and impact of the day in today’s marketing landscape.

While Earth Day is a great initiative in driving awareness about the things individuals can do to help our planet, there’s a high chance many of us already know what we should be doing: reducing single-use plastics, recycling, taking the train to work, the list goes on. Much of the messaging around Earth Day can often feel very surface-level, considering the urgency of climate action and the need to move towards net-zero.

We believe it’s time to look at sustainability on a more fundamental level, and consider the power businesses hold to change the way we operate. Enter: the five capitals model – a different way to build and look at businesses, and one we think every CMO, brand manager, and company director should be across.

Our content specialist Sanam Goodman penned a great piece about why this Earth Day, we won’t tell you to quit plastics, and how the five capitals model can drive real change.

So, what’s next as we head into May? We’re busy planning for the next financial year, and preparing our impact reports to make sure we continue to meet the standards for the certifications we’ve aligned with. We have also thrown our hat in the ring for some big and bold pitches, and cannot wait to get stuck into some seriously exciting new projects.

Our Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula studios are open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. If you’re a brand in the business of doing good, we’d love to hear from you.

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