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Studio news: March recap

And just like that, summer’s officially gone (we miss you already), as is the first quarter of 2024 (or Q3 if you’re a financial year kinda human). Here at Young Folks, March included celebrating B Corp Month, welcoming a new team member and everyone coming together for a strategy day full of reflection and plotting some big plans for the future. 

Welcome Sanam

We’re always looking for ways to grow our positive impact, and part of this is welcoming new talent to help us get there. In March, we welcomed our new Content Specialist, Sanam. A super talented copywriter and content creator, Sanam has already injected her wordsmith magic to many exciting projects. We’re so thrilled to have her join us!

Celebrating B Corp month

March was B Corp Month, which was all about celebrating what it means to be a B Corp and looking at ways we can continue to grow our impact. Over 8,000 businesses, including over 500 in Australia, are leading the way in the movement of using business as a force for good, and we are so proud to be one of them.

It’s no secret that we’re on a mission to create a brighter future for the next generation – which is why we exclusively partner with impact organisations making a positive difference and addressing some of the world’s most urgent and complex challenges. When we became a B Corp way back in 2022, we underwent a strict verification process to ensure we meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. This is an ongoing process: our team works hard behind the scenes every year to make sure we are levelling up our environmental, social and governance practices and progressing towards a joint goal of protecting the planet. 

You can do your part by supporting businesses with a B Corp certification, or even consider becoming a B Corp yourself.

Read more about B Corps, and why the world needs more of them on our recent blog. 

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Local climate action podcast series launched with Regen Projects

We’re always on the hunt for some new podcast recs. And today, we’ve got a goodie for you! We teamed up with our friends at Regeneration Projects to produce their new podcast series Two Bays, A Business & A Kitchen Table Podcast, which explores stories of hope, grit and determination, inspiring the planet’s next generation of ecological leaders. Two Bays hosts Matt Sykes and Claire Wild talk to champions of change who are using their business to fight against climate change in the Mornington Peninsula. They have a stellar lineup of guests, including folks from SunButter Skincare, The Revillaging Project, Torello Farm and more to come. Tune in for an inspiring listen on some pioneering local initiatives.

Gathering together for a strategy day

We’re all about delivering radically better results for our clients and using our business to drive change. With a team with so many epic unique talents, we believe it’s important we gather together every once in a while to reflect on our progress and plan where we want to head next. We hold regular strategy days that involve learning about ourselves and each other, ideating for future plans, and of course having heaps of fun as a team.

With many new faces having joined us recently, it was important for us to gather together for a day of strategy, connection and fun in our Mornington Peninsula studio in Frankston. We focused on identifying our own unique strengths, because starting from what we already excel at is great for fostering progress and expanding our skill sets. We reflected on how we can use our individual strengths in our work as a team, and keep work fun and inspiring for everyone. 

We also took advantage of the beautiful setting of our office by spending time outdoors at the beach and in nature. After a refreshing (read: blustering winds) walk by the beach, we gathered to reflect on how differently we all make decisions, and whether we’re guided by our head, heart or gut when it comes to decision making. When we’re deep in work mode, it’s easy to forget the importance of listening to and connecting with our bodies. We believe spending time outdoors in nature is the best way to feel connected and centred both with ourselves and our work.

We have some seriously big plans for the future of Young Folks, and the team left the day feeling inspired to chase our goals and continue on our shared journey of making a positive difference.

Our Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula studios are open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. If you’re a brand in the business of doing good, we’d love to hear from you.

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