Digital marketing consulting

Ever wished you had an experienced digital strategist on staff to measure and report on your marketing activity and make sure it’s actually generating results (read: profit) for your business? That fresh – but experienced – set of eyes, to look over everything and give you some gentle, constructive feedback and put together a strategy that drives growth?

You’ve come to the perfect place. Young Folks Digital has a unique approach that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing activity by looking at how all the marketing channels work together, rather than a patchwork of individual efforts that consume resources, time and money, but ignore the potential to maximise the success of other channels.

One-day strategy intensive

Everyone wants to generate a strong, sustainable growth curve for their business, right? And to do that you’re going to need a comprehensive and cohesive marketing strategy. We’re talking big picture thinking—like audience targeting, messaging and financial goals—and all the nitty gritty details, like what channels, what to post, and when?

How it works:

We’ll lock in a date for your full-day strategy intensive. Generally, it’s about a month from your enquiry because there’s some prep-work. Yep, you’ll be getting a little bit of homework from us. Then, on the day we’ll cover goals, marketing channels, audiences, messaging, content ideas and more. You’ll walk away with a big picture strategy and a detailed marketing activity plan that covers everything from emails to hashtags.


$1,650 , including GST.

What’s included:

During your full-day digital marketing strategy intensive we’ll cover every aspect of digital marketing for your business including:

  • Target audiences
  • Marketing messages
  • Marketing channels
  • SEO strategy
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Adwords
  • Facebook advertising
  • Blogging
  • PR and influencers
  • Marketing reporting

You’ll walk away with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy ready to implement (and measure) in your own time.

Monthly marketing advisory

Don’t have the time or the know-how to look at Google Analytics? This option is perfect for business owners and marketers who know they *should* be looking at Google Analytics to measure marketing effectiveness, inform business decision making, and create a powerful multi-channel strategy that generates sustainable growth.

How it works:

Once we’ve booked in your start date, we’ll produce the very first report at the end of the first full month. Then, together, we’ll review the report including insights and recommendations. It’s the perfect strategic accompaniment for your DIY marketing efforts.


$330 per month, including GST.

What’s included:

Each month we’ll dive into your Google Analytics, review and analyse the data, and pull together a detailed report on marketing effectiveness complete with insights and recommendations to drive your business forward. Just like the monthly finance meeting, but more fun (we think).

  • Monthly Google Analytics report including;
  • Marketing channel analysis
  • Conversion rate analysis
  • Audience analysis
  • Campaign analysis
  • Monthly 45 minute consultation
  • Quarterly 90 minute consultation

Complement your DIY marketing efforts with insights and recommendations from a digital strategy expert with over 10 years experience.