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Do you know how prevalent email is in the world? At last count, about 4 billion people use it. Want another big number? About 3 million emails are sent every second. But while those figures are mind-boggling, this is also a popularity contest and email wins Miss Congeniality every time with about 95 per cent of people checking their accounts every day.

Here’s the rub though: an average customer probably gets about 100 emails every day, so you have to stand out or risk being sifted out. A great offer is the perfect start, since 60 per cent of consumers have made a purchase after receiving a promotional email. There is no business that can’t benefit from a well-designed and executed digital marketing plan, and the team at Young Folks can help you leverage your list from your first marketing email.

Whether you’re sending out a discount code, sharing your knowledge with potential clients – it’s a trust-building exercise, a bit like falling backwards, only fully electronic – or creating a sales funnel for a service from an opt-in, there’s tonnes to consider. Get it wrong and you’ll either end up having your emails deleted before they’re opened or seeing potential business leads hitting the unsubscribe button.

It’s about building both relationships and profits. You can use email to boost brand awareness, promote content on your website or launch a new product or service. You can create an automated series that welcomes new subscribers to your list, sends them a reminder when they abandon their cart or creates a follow-up when they’ve bought something from you. Best of all, you can use it to approach your customers in a way that is completely on brand and helps them achieve their goals.

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Our email marketing specialists have developed and implemented results-driven email marketing campaigns for trusted ethical and sustainable companies. Whether it’s email automation, a comprehensive subscriber acquisition and nurture strategy, or email template design and development, we’ve been there and done that.

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Email Marketing Process

How we put your email marketing on blast

Attract the eyeballs of people ready to convert from browser to buyer.

01 Getting to know you 

We get together for a chat to determine your vision and objectives. During the session, we’ll gather everything we need to create a brief for your email marketing strategy. Think subscriber segments, lead acquisition, campaign emails and automation to boot.

02 Digging deep

This is the research phase, where we’ll be delving into your email marketing analytics (if they’re available) and any other data we can lay our hands on to build a clear picture of what’s working and where the opportunities lie.

03 Forming a strategy 

Next up, we’ll dive into developing your email marketing strategy by pulling together content pillars, audiences, segments, key messages and how they’ll be activated within your email marketing. Once that’s done, we’ll organise a video call to walk you through the strategy and ensure the team is comfortable with the approach, recommendations and nuances.

04 Design and development

The best bit? Our content specialists set about designing creative yet data-informed email templates that are made to drive clicks (and conversions).

05 Implementation and reporting

We’ll work through any implementation questions you have or handle the implementation for you. Then, of course, we’ll analyse the data to understand your key customers, when they’re opening the emails, what they’re clicking through to read, and – heavens no – what makes them unsubscribe.


Frequently asked questions (and all of the answers)

Because if you know you know. And if you don't you ask.

What email marketing platforms do you work with?

Our email marketing specialists are highly experienced with MailChimp, Active Campaign, and Klaviyo. MailChimp is a fantastic platform to get started with your email marketing. When you have more sophisticated email marketing and marketing automation requirements, we recommend levelling up with Active Campaign or Klaviyo.

How much does email marketing cost?

Unlike digital advertising, email marketing isn't pay to play. But there are still some costs involved with running email marketing campaigns. You'll need to pay for an email marketing platform which usually attracts a monthly fee based on the number of subscribers you have and the level of functionality required. You'll also need to invest in some email marketing templates (that is the designs of the EDMs you'll send) and the strategy and management of your email marketing campaigns. When you work with us, we'll start out by creating an email marketing strategy and then move into email scripting and template development. In order to be effective, and appropriately manage your expectations, we recommend allowing for around $1,000 per month as a starting point for email marketing.

How many subscribers should I have for email marketing to be successful?

Like all marketing, it's not about the size of your audience but rather how engaged the audience is. If you have a small email list, we can work with you to design a subscriber acquisition campaign designed to get more of the right people on your list with an irresistible lead magnet and marketing campaign. And if you have a large email list we can work with you to appropriately segment and tag your audience in order to elevate performance with personalised email marketing.

Do you guarantee results?

Whatever your objective: conversions, leads, awareness, or traffic – there are no guarantees when it comes to results. And anyone who tells you there is, is not telling the whole truth. Email marketing, like any marketing activity, is influenced by a myriad of factors. It would be irresponsible for us to guarantee you something that is heavily influenced by external factors – many of which are beyond the scope of work we provide and out of our control (ahem: global pandemics, changing privacy rules, Apple limiting tracking, and even your website not being properly optimised or it crashing). Our team will stay abreast of the latest practices and make optimisations and recommendations in order to achieve better results within your email campaign. And if things aren't working, we'll tell you – because we'd rather see your marketing succeed overall than desperately cling onto a channel or activity that isn't working.

How do you ensure your reporting and results are transparent?

We’ll be transparent in our reporting, always. How? We'll provide you with real-time data and results through a Google Data Studio Dashboard tailored specifically for you – and available for you to look at at any hour of the day. We'll then send you a weekly performance update via email, covering off any important points. Then, monthly we'll deliver you your monthly report, that we'll then cover off in a 1-hour meeting.

During our check-ins, we'll take you through your reports which includes actions taken, results achieved, insights generated, and recommended actions. At the three month mark, we'll send a three-month review report and then jump on a call – the perfect time to see where we've been together, and where we're going next.

What are your email marketing management agreement terms?

As a general rule, after completing an email marketing strategy and campaign plan, it takes around 12 weeks to move through the launch and learn process into optimising and scaling your email marketing performance. With this in mind, we ask for an initial four month commitment in order to give our email marketing specialists time to work through our proven process and determine what works for your brand. We run our email marketing campaign management services on a retainer basis with a four month initial commitment on a 12 month agreement. For example, with an email marketing service, typically, we’d spend the first month on the strategy for your service (where we build the plan). We’d then move into the management of your email marketing campaigns for three months (where the strategy comes to life, we launch the emails, and we spend time testing and continuously optimising). After this four month commitment is up, we then ask you to give us 30 days’ notice if you wish to exit the agreement at any time before the 12 months is up.

Do I own my email campaigns and IP?

When you work with us we grant you the licence to use our IP – aka our secret sauce, our experience, our ideas and our strategies. This works in a similar way to music licences where the artist can licence the use of a track, but the user does not own it. Essentially we give you permission to use our thinking and strategies but not permission to on-sell them or allow another third-party to utilise them. As for physical outcomes, such as email marketing design templates and copywriting for email scripts, these are yours to own upon receipt of payment.

How long does it take to get results?

We recommend allowing around 12 weeks to reach optimum email marketing performance. However the timeline can vary depending on how many emails you are sending and the size of your database. As a guide, our first four weeks are what we like to call the 'launch and learn' phase where our team will be working through a whole bunch of data-informed marketing hypothesis. From there, we take our learnings and move into the optimise and scale phase in weeks 5-12 where we ideally hit the sweet spot where we can maintain or seriously start to scale performance with increased investment.

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Thanks for the report – they're awesome results given it's only been a few days. A few of our staff noticed the new ads and have commented on how engaging and schmick they are – thanks!
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I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I’ve had a look through and it looks aaamaaaazzzing. Thanks as always for your fantastic work – lots to think about and digest.
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I truly cannot thank you both enough. I don’t know what we would have done without you.
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