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Many business owners and their team members are already stretched thin when it comes to time and resources. You’re dealing with clients and customers. Perhaps you’re overseeing manufacturing. Maybe you’re attempting to launch new products. Thinking about all the aspects of a marketing program you could or should add to the mix – social media platforms, email funnels, ad campaigns – can cause head spins.

It could be you’ve implemented a marketing strategy and sales have stagnated or your warm leads have turned to ice, ice, baby. You need to consult an expert because you’ve got a problem. It could be you’re not articulating your brand story or the wrong audience is picking up what you’re putting down.

Whatever your business, whether you’re selling products or solutions, you need a marketing strategy that’s been developed just for you – one that takes into account every aspect of your brand’s personality, as well as what you’re trying to achieve – to help you rise out of the mosh pit of competitors and crowd surf the wave of success.

It’s time to share your products and services to the world, but there are so many avenues to consider. You need to have clarity with your message and feel confident that any investment you make will come back to you multiplied. That’s why we also sort out the strategy before implementing any marketing campaign. Doing anything else is like walking up to the starting blocks before you’ve tied the laces of your running shoes.

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Our marketing specialists have developed multi-channel marketing strategies spanning digital advertising and content marketing for leading ethical and sustainable brands. Our experience spans ecommerce, travel, professional services, building and construction, ecommerce and FMCG.

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Marketing Strategy Process

How we make the marketing magic happen

It's simple. And it's complex. And we love it.

01 Goals and objectives

We’ll meet up to hammer out the details of your business requirements. We take time to understand your unique offering and the opportunity to achieve your strategic objectives and KPIs prior to developing the marketing strategy and activity plan.

02 Values and story

Before creating a marketing strategy tailored to your brand or product, we begin to analyse what makes your brand unique. Who are you? What’s your mission and purpose? What are you trying to say? And who are you saying it to? 

03 Audience profiling

After familiarising ourselves with the heart and soul of your brand, we begin to research exactly who your target audience is. We examine their interests, what resonates with them in terms of storytelling, and the best channels for you to deliver your marketing messages. 

04 Strategy development

With the research and analysis behind us, it’s time to dive into strategy development. This means stitching together your goals and objectives with your values and story and figuring out how to connect with your ideal customer in the channels they consume media. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

05 Handover and mentoring

The only thing worse than a rubbish strategy is a brilliant strategy that never gets implemented. When you work with us, your strategy deck won’t ever collect dust because we’ll walk you through a handover process. We even offer optional mentoring, so you can implement with confidence.


Frequently asked questions (and all of the answers)

Because if you know, you know. And if you don't you ask.
How long does a marketing strategy take to complete?

Four weeks! Yep – you heard that right. Upon signing, we’ll detail a timeline of when your kickoff call will take place when your marketing strategy will be presented via a handover call and then delivered to your inbox.

What can I expect from the marketing strategy? What’s included?

As a guide, our marketing strategy documents are typically between 70-90 pages and include:

  • Audience research and identification (who we’re talking to).
  • Marketing channel research and recommendation (where we’re talking to them).
  • Content pillars and key messages (what we’re saying).
  • A detailed plan on how to leverage each channel – i.e. our SEO recommendation includes a website content structure, our social recommendation includes an example content plan for a week (how we’re saying it).

We’d then support this with appendix documents such as the keyword research for SEO and any details around audience research and insights.

The document is designed to be implemented, so each section comes with clear instructions on how to use the channel and why it matters, too.

Who do you recommend to implement the marketing strategy?

There are a few ways that other brands do this – and it is totally dependent on you.

In our experience, it’s different for each brand and depends on their strategy and the parts of their marketing strategy that can (or cannot) be actioned in-house by a marketing team.

Typically, we would see clients implement parts of the marketing strategy that is in line with the generalised skillset of their marketing manager or coordinator – then utilising the expertise of an agency, such as Young Folks, to execute the more analytical and technical elements of the strategy.

With the generalised marketing on lock in-house, Young Folks could execute SEO, digital advertising, and email marketing on an ongoing basis. And content creation on a needs basis.

Mount Zero Olives
Thanks for the report – they're awesome results given it's only been a few days. A few of our staff noticed the new ads and have commented on how engaging and schmick they are – thanks!
Shelby Chalmbers
Mount Zero Olives
Temp Checks
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I’ve had a look through and it looks aaamaaaazzzing. Thanks as always for your fantastic work – lots to think about and digest.
Jack Andrews
Temp Checks
Rainforest Rescue
I truly cannot thank you both enough. I don’t know what we would have done without you.
Kristin Canning
Rainforest Rescue

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