Australian Children’s Television Foundation

Beyond broadcast: elevating digital presence with email marketing and social media strategies

The client: Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) is a national non-profit children’s media production and policy hub on a mission to make Australian children’s lives better through screen content that reflects our culture and values.

The challenge: With a diverse range of offerings spanning multiple channels, ACTF grappled with the dynamic challenge of engaging disparate target audiences effectively. The task at hand was to audit current activity and create a cohesive communications strategy that resonated with each audience segment.

The solution: Our approach involved immersive workshops with internal stakeholders at ACTF. These sessions allowed us to gain valuable insights into the diverse target audiences and the brand positioning and key messages in the market. Subsequently, we conducted a comprehensive audit and developed a multichannel marketing strategy that embraced a spectrum of touch points. From email marketing to social media, our strategy aimed to engage the varied audience segments effectively. The result was a tailored approach that resonated with each demographic, fostering a deeper connection between ACTF and its audience.

The team: Marketing strategy, Larissa Gardner, Erin Morris, Ami Joy; content creation, David Easton.

Services: Email marketing audit and strategy, social media marketing audit and strategy.


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