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World Teachers Day social media strategy for Monash University.

With a diverse and innovative curriculum, Monash University Education Faculty has a national and international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. In fact, they’re ranked number one in Australia and number 15 in the world.

In celebration of World Teachers Day, Monash University Education Faculty teamed up with us to launch a social media campaign to thank teachers for the incredible work they do and the lasting positive impact they leave on students’ lives. A study by Monash Education revealed that 71 percent of teachers report they don’t feel appreciated, even though 93 percent of Australians trust teachers to do a good job in the classroom.

Set on changing these stats, our social media strategy for Monash Education went beyond the business as usual social media marketing to connect with parents, current students, young people, and the media to raise awareness of the contribution teachers make and encourage an outpouring of gratitude. We leveraged Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to tap into the social media community and create content that can be used in public relations to pitch the social stories to mainstream media.

In our marketing research, we conducted social media listening and learned that Cathy Freeman may have never stepped foot on the athletics track if it weren’t for her Grade 1 teacher Mrs Baldry. This incredible story was one of many that underpinned our social media strategy that saw Monash Education take their message to #ThankYourTeacher to the masses for World Teachers Day in 2019. Resulting from the campaign, thousands of Australians shared their message of thanks to their teachers on social media.


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