Speak loudly, speak proudly: transformative content strategy and creative for an emerging LGBTIQA+ charity

The client: Speak is an LGBTIQA+ advocating charity organisation dedicated to serving community, sparking conversation, and seeing change. Through peer-led and peer-reviewed programs, Speak educates carers, families, schools, and workplaces to better understand, affirm and support LGBTIQA+ people.

The challenge: As an emerging charity on a mission to build social inclusion, reduce discrimination and advance LGBTIQA+ inclusion, Speak needed support defining its story and sharing it with the world.

The solution: Our three-phased approach began with an overarching content strategy that shaped the brand narrative including USP, elevator pitch, origin story and key profiles plus guidelines for implementation. Next, we created a marketing plan to reach and engage the target audience across the marketing ecosystem in print and digital channels. Finally, we produced a suite of creative assets for use across key digital and print channels to promote the Speak and core offering. Additionally, our team supported the Speak team with accessing the Google Ads Grant and configuring campaign activity outlined in the strategy within the Google Ads and Meta Ads.

The team: Creative direction, Marco González; content creation, Marco González and David Easton, marketing strategy, Erin Morris, Taylah Fuchshofer, Ami Joy,

Services: Content strategy, marketing strategy, marketing collateral design, email marketing, Meta Ads, Google Ads.


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