Facebook and Instagram Ads

People spend hours lurking on social media. Why not use that to tap your ideal customers and get real results? You can, with the perfectly executed Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign.

Your ideal client is just out there. *gestures grandly in perfect game show host* Actually, not just your ideal client, but hundreds – maybe even thousands – of them. And you know what most of them have in common? They likely use social media every single day and each time they log in the platform is aggregating their data. And that’s something we can use to great effect with a precision targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign.


Google Ads

Competitors’ clicks got your scratching your head? There’s an art – not exactly a dark one, but certainly one with plenty of specialised skills involved – to reaching the top spot in search results.

Here’s the reason Google Ads is an excellent way to maximise your marketing budget and grow your business… About 90 percent of people who arrive on the landing page of your website do so through a search engine. So you need to pop to the top when they enter your relevant keywords or you won’t be showing your wares to people who are ready to engage. Implementing a well-researched Google Ads campaign puts you in the lead when it comes to searches.


Pinterest marketing

'But isn’t it just a collection of pretty pictures,' we hear you ask. Heck no! Pinterest is the platform with pulling power, especially when it comes to pay-per-click performance.

Pinterest is like Google, but much more fun. You can optimise content for discovery, using the same SEO principles, plus craft it with sharing and gathering followers in mind. But it’s the latest ecommerce features, like Lens, Shop from Pins and Shopping Spotlights (it highlights expert-selected content so Pinners can shop the latest trends) that is set to turn this platform into an advertising juggernaut.


Email marketing

The key to engaging customers on your list is going beyond 'I hope this email finds you well' to serving up relatable content where problems are solved and promises delivered.

Whether you’re sending out a discount code, sharing your knowledge with potential clients – it’s a trust-building exercise a bit like falling backwards only fully electronic – or creating a sales funnel for a service from an opt-in there’s tonnes to consider. Get it wrong and you’ll either end up having your emails deleted before they’re opened or seeing potential business leads hitting the unsubscribe button.


Search engine optimisation

We see it every day: web content so strewn with awkwardly placed keywords it’s hard to read. Balance the equation so you get great search results and cut the copy cringe.

When someone gets it in their head to find something – and that can be anything from a water fountain for their cat to a new superannuation fund that invests in renewable energy – they are heading straight to Google. How likely? About 90 percent. Every day, that leads to about 5.6 billion Google Searches. But most don’t even make it past the first page. Some will only look at the top four or five results. That means if your brand isn’t ranking highly for relevant keywords and search terms (read: nailing your SEO), no one new is finding you.


Social media marketing

There are many keys to success, but amping up your brand's social media presence with content that connects and converts can open doors you never knew existed.

They started out as a way to keep up with what your friends were doing, but social media platforms from Facebook to LinkedIn, Instagram to TikTok, are now used by savvy businesses to get in front of a whole world of potential new clients and re-engage those they’ve dealt with in the past.

Designed from the ground up, your social media strategy should authentically represent your brand, be executed in a meticulous fashion then tweaked to reflect data as it becomes available.


Marketing strategy

There’s no single way to get your target audience to turn to your business. They’re everywhere and you need a smart, focused multi-channel marketing strategy to capture attention.

Lean in close because we’ve got something we need to tell you and it’s really important. *whispers* The key to success when you’re looking to grow your business and brand sustainably is getting a rock-solid multi-channel marketing strategy in place.

Some people think it’s all about bells, whistles, PR stunts, expensive advertising campaigns and dropping leaflets from planes (OK, perhaps not that last one so much). But if you don’t have a strategy in place, the result is kinda like a shooting star – it burns bright then disappears.

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