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If only it was as simple as finding some cool pics, writing a quirky caption and waiting for the likes to roll in. For a start, although they’re a great ego boost, likes aren’t what we’re after. We want engagement, conversation, community and customers. You can use these platforms to tell your brand’s story, to launch a product, to expand your client base, and to offer people who are already fans of your brand a little insight and inspiration.

If you’ve got the time, you can do it organically, or you can explore a paid social campaign. All social media platforms have an advertising platform, and each one boasts incredible results. Instagram, as an example, reports that 75 percent of its users take action on ads.

You know the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen”? With the prevalence of social media use rising all the time – in January 2021 about 80 per cent of Australians were active users, up from 58 per cent in 2015 – that has never been more true. If you’re not executing a fully formed social media strategy for your brand, it’s fair to say you probably aren’t capturing the attention of people who could become your most valued clients.

Whether you’ve dipped your toes in the water and realise it’s a much more technical and time-consuming task than your team can handle or you’re ready to launch a new campaign, we can help with powerful content creation – from eye-catching visuals to compelling copy – scheduling, cross-platform promotion, reaching your target audience, analysing the data and reporting it.

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Our social media marketing specialists have developed and implemented engaging and high performing content marketing strategies for trusted ethical and sustainable companies. Think Instagram content (sans cringe-worthy Reels), keyword-optimised Pinterest content, and LinkedIn content that attracts leads not recruiters.

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Social Media Marketing Process

How we grow community and conversions

Attract the eyeballs of people ready to convert from browser to buyer.

01 Define and refine

We’ll meet with you to discuss what your requirements are and the results you hope to achieve. We need to know all this and understand your unique offering, so we can achieve your objectives and meet KPIs. We can also suggest ways to start growing your social media profile while we work on your strategy.

02 Your values, your story

Before we can work on the strategy we first have to define what makes your brand unique. What makes it tick? What’s your mission? Who are you talking to? And what is it you’re trying to say?

03 Profiling your audience

While we’re digging deep into your brand values, we’ll be researching your target audience and how to best reach them. We’ll examine their interests, how they look for information, how storytelling resonates for them and how best to reach them.

04 Developing and delivery

Now that we know all about you and your audience, we jump right in to establishing a strategy. It brings together your values, story, goals and objectives then uses a number of social media platforms to connect to your ideal consumer. It’s both simple and complex.

05 Implementation and reporting

When we implement your social media strategy we never lose sight of the main game, and constantly review engagement metrics to make data-informed optimisations. And we’ll report back to you regularly to demonstrate the difference all this social media marketing has made.

Mount Zero Olives
Thanks for the report – they're awesome results given it's only been a few days. A few of our staff noticed the new ads and have commented on how engaging and schmick they are – thanks!
Shelby Chalmbers
Mount Zero Olives
Temp Checks
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I’ve had a look through and it looks aaamaaaazzzing. Thanks as always for your fantastic work – lots to think about and digest.
Jack Andrews
Temp Checks
Rainforest Rescue
I truly cannot thank you both enough. I don’t know what we would have done without you.
Kristin Canning
Rainforest Rescue

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